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Rental procedure

Rental procedure


1. Check the rental period

2. Fill in the rental application form

The hirer must check the hiring status of the venue facilities by phone or email, and only after the hiring status is confirmed, can the paper application be submitted.
(This enquiry is not regarded as a formal hire)

After confirming the renting date, the renter must submit the completed application form to the renting department by email or fax. When submitting the application form, please attach the following documents:

► Business registration or association registration; or/and ► Proof of a public charitable institution or trust recognized by the Inland Revenue Department in accordance with Article 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the application form and related documents have been delivered to the rental department of the museum.


3. Confirm the schedule and pay the deposit

If the reservation is accepted, the hirer will be notified in writing and a deposit must be paid; the relevant application for hire must be confirmed after the deposit has been paid.
(For details, please visit our website or call for enquiry)


4. Complete the rental process

Receive the confirmation letter for renting the venue, and pay the balance of the venue rent and other equipment costs before using the venue.


In addition to sports activities, the main venue can be equipped with performance stages and layouts of different scales according to the needs of each program, and host multiple types of performances and activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, marching performances, carnivals, religious activities, awards, and advertising films , Boxing matches, school activities, comprehensive performance evenings, exams, etc.

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Venue Rental Form

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