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The services we provide you include:


Southorn Stadium╴ Southorn Stadium  In response to the continuous development of society and the market, there are corporate and institutional training services, other school learning experiences (OLE), and private group interest classes, which are dedicated to providing private classes/tailoring for major small and medium-sized enterprises/institutions/schools/private housing estates in Hong Kong Customize training courses, seminars, workshops and interest classes.

We can send corporate training/Team building/employee retreat activities/after-school activities, workshops and activities directly to any place in Hong Kong to facilitate companies/institutions/schools in different regions, and provide you with flexible and targeted solutions.

  • Curriculum Design-Provide the most suitable course content according to the categories and needs of the participants
  • Strong tutor bank support-provide a professional and qualified tutor team
  • Venue Arrangement-Southorn Stadium can provide a venue for hosting larger leisure teams such as dodge ball, kick ball and other sports
  • Propaganda poster production-provide standard course poster style without the administrative time of making posters
  • Course tool arrangement and purchasing-arrange classroom supplies or provide purchasing methods to facilitate the learning of participants
  • Course administrative support-such as providing standard roll call form, course opinion survey form

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