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​Emerging Movement

Sports, in addition to traditional sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football, emerging sports have matured in recent years and have been recognized by world organizations. Many schools, social welfare organizations and commercial organizations have expressed great interest in emerging sports. We are actively promoting emerging sports to become the mainstream of new sports in Hong Kong.

Designed by our professional team, the difficulty can be set according to the abilities of the participants, suitable for all kinds of people to participate!

Course items include:

  • Finnish wooden pillars

  • VX ball

  • Avoidance disk

  • Ground pot

  • Snow fight

  • Whirlwind ball

  • Offensive and defensive arrows

  • Kick ball

  • Dry land ice hockey

  • Sepak takraw

  • Flying ring

  • Bubble football


Time: 120 minutes or more Number: 10-40 people Target: Suitable for people 12 years old or above

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