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Management and training

Leaders in different fields need to have extensive knowledge and rich social experience. Through our lecturers, they can strengthen their own management and training skills, and have a deep understanding of how to use different knowledge and abilities, mobilize limited resources, and actively complete their goals to equip the workplace. The above self, to deal with different challenges in the future.

Designed by our professional team, the course content can be set according to the needs of participants, suitable for all types of people to participate!

Course items include:

  • So Ugly Life Formation-The Secret of Enneagram

  • Quickly build affinity skills

  • Dancing with stress

  • Give full play to the positive mentality of employees

  • Harmonious team and conflict management

  • SMART goal setting

  • Coaching skills in action

  • NLP effective communication skills

  • NLP and decision-making skills

  • NLP positive thinking training

  • Public speaking skills training

  • Simple project management training

  • Subconscious engineering training

  • Sales transaction introductory training

  • Effective memory learning

  • Persuasive management skills

  • Improve job-solving ability training

  • NLP mentality adjustment skills

  • Negotiating sales skills

Time: 180 minutes or more Number: 20-40 people Target: Suitable for people 18 years old or above

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