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Art workshop

Art is a tool to release one's own mood and broaden one's horizons. Everyone has their own artistic potential, try to play the small universe, the artistic experience is very suitable as a method of team building and staff ability training. We can arrange all classroom supplies, including aprons, paints, drawing tools and canvases. ​​​

Designed by our professional team, the difficulty can be set according to the abilities of the participants, suitable for all kinds of people to participate!

Course items include:

  • Mime experience workshop

  • Smart player theater game navigator workshop

  • Image Thinking Creativity

  • Impromptu Theater Wooden Walk

  • Stone painting

  • Pattern art

  • Log mandala painting

  • Waste Upgrading

  • Dried flower painting art

  • Circle Painting

  • Mandala painting


Time: 120-180 minutes Number of people: 10-40 people Target: Suitable for people 12 years old or above

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