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Parent-child education

Every pair of parents will encounter difficulties in disciplining their children, especially when their children are adolescents, parents will feel confused about the way they communicate with their children. Our instructor promotes the parent-child relationship between participants and their children by teaching the correct way of getting along with educational psychology.

Designed by our professional team, the course content can be set according to the needs of participants, suitable for all types of people to participate!

Course items include:

  • Learn about parent-child coaching skills

  • How to improve children's learning ability

  • Establish effective family education rules

  • Emotional coach to cultivate high EQ children

  • Unlock children's personality traits

  • Potential development changes lives

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Healthy Family (Couple/Parent-child) Growth Workshop

  • Parent-child relationship improvement training

  • Youth Series: Dancing with Stress

  • Youth Series: Learning and Improving Skills

  • Youth Series: Love Cheats

  • Youth Series: Improving Mental Health

  • Youth Series: Cheats for Smart Parents

Time: 180 minutes or more Number: 10-40 people Target: Suitable for people 12 years old or above

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