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Health care  

A healthy life should start at different ages. We can provide different health food treatments,Tai Chi Qigong, Four Seasons Health and other categories of courses, to enhance the public's knowledge of health care.

Designed by our professional team, the difficulty can be set according to the abilities of the participants, suitable for all kinds of people to participate!

Course items include:

  • Yangjia 88 Style Tai Chi

  • Yang Family 54 Style Tai Chi Sword

  • Old frame Yang style Taijiquan 91 styles

  • Baduanjin Health Qigong Class

  • Dragon Guardian Battle

  • Taoist exercises for strengthening bones and spine

  • Women's Menopause Health Care and Diet Therapy Class

  • Love yourself four seasons health class

  • Pre-natal and post-natal diet classes for pretty moms

  • Refresh D Whitening Spots Slimming Diet Therapy Class

  • Easily improve the three-high diet therapy class

  • Food Therapy Class for Improving Urban Diseases (Gastrointestinal)

  • Diet therapy class for improving urban diseases (headache)

  • Food Therapy Class for Improving Urban Diseases (Mood)

Time: 120-180 minutes Number: 10-40 people Target: Suitable for people 18 years old or above

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